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Nissens Radiators

Nissens Radiator Range

As the UK market leader, Nissens is an established brand that will provide an excellent platform for radiator sales to improve and flourish.

  • Nissens offer the widest radiator range in the automotive market and is one of the largest European manufacturers of radiators.
  • When developing radiators, Nissens strongly emphasises high cooling capacity and reliability
  • Nissens is very competitive against the market, and ongoing product development is a top priority.

About Radiators

The radiator plays an important role when it comes to protecting the engine and ensuring its optimal performance.

In any engine, there may be up to 4,000 combustions per minute, with temperatures of up to 1500°. The purpose of the engine cooling system is to efficiently transfer a substantial surplus of heat to the air surrounding the vehicle.

In order for the radiator to cool engine coolant, it absorbs and radiates heat in a process of thermal conversion. This is essential, as regulating the engine temperature maximises engine performance, efficiency and fuel-economy. With ever-increasing fuel efficiency and greater power demanded from modern engines, the pressures on the cooling system components are also increased in order to get the most of the system.

Coolant radiators are installed in the air flow of the vehicle frontend. They dissipate heat produced by combustion in the engine, absorbed by the coolant, and then expel into the atmosphere. They also provide coolant to the oil and EGR coolers. Maintaining the quality of the coolant will ensure water tightness under thermal loop pressure.

Radiator Faults

Generally radiators only need changing after impact damage or corrosion.

A quality radiator is able to resist long-term external corrosion caused by environmental conditions, such as salt spray in winter, however a common occurrence could still be down to low coolant / anti-freeze levels, or the body design of the car and how protected the radiator is. Using anti-corrosive coolant with anti-freeze and changing the solutions every 2 years will ensure better radiator protection and efficiency. Nissens radiators are designed with anti-corrosive elements to protect the unit as much as possible.

A faulty radiator and poor cooling performance can become noticeable with:

  • Increased engine temperature
  • Permanent radiator fan operation
  • Poor air conditioning system performance

These symptoms can be caused by:

  • Loss of coolant caused by damage to the radiator by gravel throw or accident
  • Loss of coolant through corrosion or leaky connections
  • Poor heat exchange caused by impurities such as dirt, insects or  limescale deposit
  • Soiled or old coolant

It is absolutely necessary to use the correct antifreeze, and in the correct proportion with distilled water. Tap water, dirty water, reuse of the old antifreeze or mixing different kinds of antifreeze will cause chemical corrosion and ultimate failure. It is therefore also vital that the entire cooling system is flushed in order not to pollute the new radiator with harmful remnants of the old antifreeze.


 Engines have become smaller in size and width to reduce weight, improve fuel economy and to enable a more aerodynamic, lower bonnet line. This makes the whole job of changing radiators a lot more difficult. It is therefore important that when a radiator is changed, it can be fitted right first time and can withstand years of life with the same quality it had when it was first fitted. A strong, anti-corrosive radiator is therefore fundamental to a good working engine.

There are three main categories for radiators available, namely:


Brazed Radiators

Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) processes create very strong and durable cooling unit structures. The cores of the radiators are produced with heavy-duty tubes, highly efficient double-folded fins, optimally-shaped louvers and a small tube distance to ensure excellent durability and cooling performance.


Full-Aluminium Radiators

Nissens offers a range of market-popular full-aluminum radiators which offer a number of attractive benefits, such as, lower weight, non-corrosive, cost-efficient and excellent cooling properties.


Nissens’ full-aluminum radiators are easy to handle and to install into the plastic cassette. Furthermore, the Multi-Fit concept ensures a quick and flawless installation, and one full-aluminum product can cover more than one OE application.


5mm Radiators

Nissens is the first manufacturer in Europe to offer radiators produced in-house based on the latest 5mm technology.  The reduced size meets the need to combine a larger cooling efficiency with a significantly reduced space for a more efficient cooling unit.


The 5mm term indicates that the spaces between the tubes in the radiator core are 5mm. Until recently, the majority of aluminum radiators for cars were made with 10mm tube distance. The reduction in 5mm radiators generates a number of benefits when comparing with systems of 10mm: better cooling performance, reduced unit size (mainly thickness but also number of rows, width and height) and less weight.

More and more Nissens products apply the 5mm technology. Today, radiators building upon the 5mm technology comprise a full coverage of 35 OE numbers within 44 car models.

Originally, the 5mm technology was introduced and applied in a selection of popular Japanese cars but as the European market potential grows, the number of new cars equipped with the 5mm cooling technology is developing rapidly.

Ongoing Development

Hundreds of products are launched every year to ensure Nissens’ position as a leading radiator manufacturer is maintained.

Nissens invests heavily in being a first-to-market supplier, which is fundamental to their strategy.

This ensures customers have the opportunity to be the first suppliers of a unique selection of the latest products for the newest applications in the aftermarket.

Features and Benefits

  • Better tolerance of tough working conditions
    • Extended time span before the coolant reaches its boiling point in ambient temperatures over 40oC.
  • Reduced fuel consumption
    • Less fan power needed to support cooling.
  • Supreme durability
    • Long-lasting durable cooling units.
  • Considerably better cooling performance
    • Compared to an average low-quality or other no-name product from the IAM.
  • Reduced risk of overheating
    • Reliable and high-efficient cooling protecting the engine even under high-stress conditions.


Advanced tests have proven that Nissens high-quality radiators deliver considerably better results when compared to other products available in the independent aftermarket.

Nissens radiators come with excellent aluminium brazing systems, full-aluminium and 5mm technologies, reinforced tanks, no recycled plastics, double-folded fins, and high-quality rubber gaskets.

As part of the product development, a number of tests are carried out. These tests include pressure impulse, thermic expansion, vibrations, and corrosion. Both production and tests take place in accordance with the TS 16949 and OE standards.



Nissens are committed to delivering the difference to their customers. Their strong and flexible product and service concept is the main reason why Nissens customers keep coming back.

Nissens provide a 2 year warranty from installation date, with no mileage limit

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